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increasing internet speeds to work from home

I work as a microworker on many websites and have to have a super high-speed internet connection if I want to make the most money each day. I have to run refresh scripts to catch the work as it comes up and be able to load the pages quickly to keep my hourly rates up. I hadn't realized how slow my connection was until I was working at my sister's house one day. The very next day, I started looking for a new internet service provider. I struggled to understand what the contracts were stating and determining which connection would increase my speed the most, but you don't have to struggle like I did. Visit my blog instead.


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Four Technologies To Consider When Choosing An Internet Provider For Your New Business

One of the most important factors for your new business's success will be your presence on the internet. Digital marketing has become essential, so you will need a good internet connection for this. Likewise, if you take orders online or are involved in any interaction with customers online, you will need an internet service provider. Many of your employees will be online, so a good connection will help productivity. Because your choice of internet technology is crucial to your new company's success, there are a few things you should know about them.

Digital Subscriber Line

One common technology is digital subscriber line or DSL. This signal transmission is provided through your phone line and is usually offered by your phone company. You can have the system set up so a wireless signal is channeled through a router to as many employee work stations as you need. This type of technology is scalable, so as your business grows your internet network can grow, too. DSL is the most common technology available for business.

Cable internet

Cable internet comes through the cable lines, just as it does in residential homes. Cable companies, although known for residential customers, are spreading their cable networks to include more businesses. If you have this option available, you should look at the package deals they offer. Sometimes you can get phone service through your cable internet provider, along with an internet connection, and this can save you money.

Fiber optics technology

Fiber optics is a type of cable that transmits signal much faster than DSL or cable. If you want the fastest internet connection possible, then this should be your choice. However, it is usually expensive compared to DSL and cable, so unless you need the speed it may not be practical for a new business operating with startup capital. In addition, fiber optics is not available in a large portion of the country.

Satellite internet

This is usually the slowest of the technologies, but it can provide you with internet signals anywhere you are located. If your phone company or the cable company hasn't brought DSL to your business's location, you most certainly will have no fiber optic cable laid down. However, a satellite provider can connect you to the internet. This is done with the use of a satellite dish.

While not every type of internet transmission technology is offered in every area, more options are becoming available to businesses every year. Make sure you understand the particular options available to you from a commercial internet provider. Additionally, speeds can vary with DSL depending upon how close you are to the internet provider. Cable speeds can vary when there are many businesses sharing the same connection.